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About the Olive Grove

Goccia d'Oro is a family owned and operated olive grove located in Capel in Australia's South West and encompasses Tren Creek Chalets. "Goccia d'Oro" is Italian for "drop of gold" and symbolises olive oil's golden complexion. The olive trees are planted in harmony with the Golden Ratio (1.618) to maximise visual appeal and sunlight for even ripening. A Mediterranean climate, together with rich undulating soil, ensure the trees bear fruit with high oil content and full of flavour. Goccia d'Oro continues the family's heritage of olive growing and oil production which originates in Calabria (Italy) and dates back generations. All Goccia d'Oro olive grove products are naturally cultivated and all fruit is hand picked and selected.

Our first planting was in 2005. The grove comprises a selection of varieties. The three main ones are: Minerva, WA Mission and Coratina. Each variety has its own unique flavour which varies with the seasons. Oil production started in 2009 and only very high quality 100% pure extra virgin olive oil has been produced each year. As such, our oils have won numerous awards from the South West Olive Association and Perth Royal Show.

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